21 January 2010

My Chinese Experience

Wednesday 20th January 2010

Only in South Africa can people make money without knowing any of the eleven official languages - and yes I am talking about the Chinese. At last I got to the China Mall and the China Mart. What a great shopping experience in spite of the fact that most of the shop owners do not speak a word of English or any language we can understand - so we communicate with sign language. What is amazing is that every single item sold in these shops comes directly from China. For those of us who love going from shop to shop, examining merchandise, this will be paradise. The products are endless and the prices are ridiculously low. However a word of caution - be careful not to get carried away and buy stuff you dont need because it is so cheap.

It is like going to China - a little bit of China in Johannesburg - the food, the cold drinks, the biscuits are all from China - very foreign looking and tasting. I felt quite adventurous and I sampled a number of the items - some I liked and some not.

I must say that I really enjoy the multiculturalism that is SA in 2010 - I enjoy learning about the different ways people think and see the world - it makes life worth living.... and I dont need to travel to far off lands ... I can do it here in SA .....

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