21 January 2010

The Private Swimming Pool

Tuesday 19th January 2010

Even though my swimming pool is small - a splash pool really - I love the experience of jumping in on a hot summer's evening - it is a wonderfully refreshing moment when I lie on my back in cool water gazing up at the stars floating away to the horizons of my dreams. I love water so much.... I often forget how much..... and take my pool for granted. Is it not strange how we hunger after what we don't have but forget to use what we do have?

Now a swimming pool does not take care of inteself - it requires quite a bit of TLC - it is at times when the motor breaks or the creepy crawly needs replacing that I think of getting rid of it. However sanity prevails - with so many wonderfully warm days and nights, a pool is great. A braai around the pool creaes pleasant entertaining opportunities. I love my pool and I suppose I take it for granted and forget that this is another good reason for living in SA...

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