12 December 2009

The Abolition of Work

Bob Black wrote that work must be abolished. This article has stirred some pretty strong feelings in me. When I look back I cant help but ask myself how much of my life have I wasted on doing work that I hate, squandered it on meaningless tasks just to pay the rent and the school fees. 'Work is the source of nearly all the misery in the world' says Bob hitting the nail on the head. He goes on to say that 'In order to stop suffering, we have to stop working' but 'we dont have to stop doing things'. This I dont understand. He explains that we carry on doing things only in the form of play. Does he mean that if we dont feel like doing whatever needs to be done, we just dont do it? How would that kind of system play itself out? (excuse the pun). How would we feed ourselves and our family? Or provide for our needs? Does this mean we have to go back to the stone age and live in caves hunting and gathering for food? It is a great concept - to stop working - but what happens to all the goods and services that we produce whilst working? Has anyone out there know of an alternative system to the current system of production and consumption that requires us all to work?

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