01 January 2010

Glorious Open Spaces to Move, Live and Think!

Friday 1st January 2010

I woke up on this first day of the New Year tired from a late night, to face a cloudy day. Is this some kind of cosmic test? The first thing I was going to write about South Africa that is wihtout a doubt a big positive factor, is the weather. Now I have to find one other positive - just for today!!

So what is positive about living in South Africa today.... What can I feel grateful about today, the 1st January 2010???

The Space.....yes the great open spaces – room to move and live. Looking around my home, although I live in a cluster, it is still pretty spacious. Later when I will be driving to the family lunch, using the highways and biways that are comparable to any in the first world (bar the portholes - no negatives Frances!!!) listening to the New Year music programme on Radio 702.... wow not bad, in fact quite positive, pretty powerful stuff!

And it goes without saying that there will be space to park my car when I get to my destination.

Yes 'space' is definitely a great plus for living in Johannesburg - a city with ample space - where the competition for 'open spaces' and 'development' is still in favour of 'open spaces' - not many cities in the world can claim that. And space is important for a quality life...

I am happy to have found my first positive thought for 2010!
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