15 January 2010

The Dream African Wedding

Thursday 15th January 2010

My one and only daughter is getting married. I cant actually believe that my baby is really starting her own family - a woman in her own right and no longer just a daughter. Where have all the years gone? What a cliched question!! I suppose I feel lost and afraid. I used to feel strong and full, like a tree with branches and thick leaves, creating a shade and protection for my children to grow and live under - and now I feel that my leaves have fallen and I am no linger needed and only there to obstruct and get in their way. But no more of that - this is an uplifting blog - it is about the advantages of living in SA.

SA has become the wedding destination for many global Jetsetters - and now that we are in the midst of the wedding preparations, which could have been very stressful had it not been for my uber organised daughter, I know why. SA gives the best bang for your buck, whether you choose a safari wedding, a beach wedding, a country wedding or a city wedding, the venues on offer are on par with any in the world. There are even Winelands Weddings on offer. They are elegant, sophisticated and definitely fit for purpose. Whatever your religious or non religious persuasion, from traditional AFrican weddings, to Greek weddings to Protestant, Muslim or even Bahai weddings, we can offer it. Gay marriages were legalised in 2006. And those who want a quickie with magistrate, you can do that to, without having to run to Las Vegas. In fact ANYTHING goes. My daughter has chosen a fusion which will be part Catholic, part Greek Orthodox in a garden weddding, combining the three traditions into one, creating her very own unique and exclusive ocassion. This is a first for me and I am excited beyond belief.

I must say that the value on offer is amazing. The venue she chose is Shepstone Gardens, in Johannesburg. On their website they advertise it as the best kept secret and I have to say I agree with them. It is absolutely beautiful and most of all affordable.

It is going to be a wonderful wedding made possible because we live in this country..... Will tell you more as we get closer to the date...

Till tomorrow.....

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