09 January 2010

Walking, Walking and More Walking

Sat 9 th January 2010

One of the highlights of 2009 was my walking exercise. I belonged to a walking club that operated from a school based in the luscious suburb of Lonehill. I walked three mornings a week for one hour, very early, before the traffic and the school kids arrived. These walks were wonderful because apart from the health benefits of disease free living, no colds or flue, no aches and pains, they were the times when I got my greatest inspiration. Then the manager got greedy and decided to move the club to another area so that he can catch more members and my walking world came tumbling down. The new venue was noisy and very unpleasant - so I stopped going. And I definitely felt the loss... my energy went down, my mood swings increased, my happiness level dropped. So today I went back to that school and walked for one hour. How absolutely marvelous it was. I felt energised, strong, ready to face the world and hopefully change it for the better.

I cannot live in South Africa and not walk... it is practically criminal. The weather is amazing and the flaura and fauna take my breath away .... when I walk I feel connected to the universe - I get inspired and think up many great ideas. I call it my walking meditation - just me and the universe - I mull over concepts until I find new ways to connect them - my level of creativity zooms larger and larger as my left and right brain reach a harmony, synchronising the millions of unrelated thoughts, creating a melody of my uniqueness . I suppose it is this synchronisation that is the reason for my improved brain power, improved mood and my deeper connection to my spiritual side.

As this is the beginning of a new year, I promise myself that this will be a year of walking - a minimum of three one-hour walking meditations a week. I love walking so much - so I will walk. Hopefully this accomplishment will help me change my mindset to doing more of the things I love.... somehow I seem to have lost the ability to have fun ... especially since my house invasion (in a gated complex) where I was robbed at gunpoint in the middle of the day. I know that I am a product of my destiny and destination. I know that I am a product of the interaction between what I can control and what I cannot control, what I am born with and what I create, through my actions, my behaviour, which ultimately all stem from my thoughts. I know that the true gist of living is to get to know who I am through these interactions, so that I can take control of my thoughts as well as responsibility for my actions. But knowing does not mean that it is easy to do… hence my daily reflections in my blog…..the tool that will change my disposition….or so I think…

Walking is great, walking in South Africa is even better. I have not experienced the same walking euphoria anywhere in the world so I have to admit that this is a very good reason for living in SA.
I cant believe that I have actually found one positive factor for everyday bar one.... guess the one day at a time thing actually works... till tomorrow ...

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